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What can a clear brand story do for your business?

What if your brand could tell a clear, inviting, and consistent message that brings readers into a story,

showing them exactly how you can give them the transformation they’re looking for?

You're out there working hard to connect, get leads, & convert

Whether you're a service provider, coach, or course creator, you're a digital CEO whose taken your abilities, skills, and experiences to the online world. You've poured your heart out on your website as well as your sweat and tears building your product only to be left wondering why the sales aren’t rolling in like you thought they would be.


We've all been there--you’re tired of listening to all the podcasts, buying all the templates, investing in all the things—you know you can help others with your product, but can’t seem to get prospects to see not just the heart you’ve put into it all, but how your brand can create transformation in their lives. You know you need connection.

I'm Gabi Angelina and I write brand stories...

the ones that connect and convert.

A curriculum writer turned copywriter, I take my fancy M.Ed. and lots of iced coffee (while layered in head-to-toe linen) and align a brand's messaging, giving that business a voice to serve with heart and purpose.

I write the right words that open hearts (and wallets).

When I'm not crafting brand stories and messaging for persuasion and conversion, I spend my moments playing the piano, buying more vegan recipe books than any one woman should own, maintaining an overly-hopeful-but-not-realistic reading list, and wondering about the man my beautiful boy will one day become.

Meet Gabi Angelina

What really drives me is freedom...

the freedom to opt-out of the stories we tell ourselves or those that others have made us believe and write our own story--the one where we use our talents and abilities to connect and serve others through our business,

the one that allows us to be heart-serving entrepreneurs and follow our values and dreams while supporting others to do the same.

I'm on a mission to follow my own dreams, be a platform for my son's, and serve as a guide that will help you connect to your prospects through the words your brand sends out to the world.

Because message matters.

Yours, mine, and theirs.

Connect through clarity.

We can serve more people when our brand has a clear and consistent message. When that message is aligned, every single touchpoint that a prospect has with your company--

from your IG captions to your emails to your website

connects with your right-fit-client and makes you stand out from the rest.

The words you use, matter. I'm here to help you write the right ones.
Work with me
I'm all about

Home, freedom, dogs, sun-dried linen, the sound of my cello, family, vegan cooking, rest, the smell of fresh rosemary, woven baskets, farmer's markets, books, story-tellers, my son's laughter

I'm not about

Late nights, small talk, spiders, busy lifestyles, skinny jeans, hopelessness, being late, bananas, clutter, one-size-fits-all, scary movies, traffic jams. 

Clarity will always win over confusion.

be clear with your brand's message


WE MAY BE the perfect fit



ready to...

  • about the people you serve and want to make a difference in their lives. 
  • ...believe in authenticity and connection. 
  • ...invest in yourself and your product and are ready to make more money with your words & design. 
  • ...know that your current sales message could be losing you money and are primed for smart, data-driven launch copy.
  • done with the Kajabi struggle that's making you want to chuck that entire computer to the curb (don't do that--help is here!).
  • primed to shine with your offer and have a clear & connecting sales funnel that builds a connected audience.
Your words need to pull their weight on your website (and in your business)

Here's how I help

If your website copy or isn't winning you the work

(because gasp, it's confusing your reader),

it's time to clarify in order to connect and convert.

I'm here to clarify your brand's message.

Work with Me

The 5 Step Formula to your Perfect Elevator Pitch

Do you struggle to tell people what you do without giving all the background? Yup, I've been there.

It's time to clarify that message and explain what you do for a living with clarity and authority.