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Path of Least Resistance

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Finding Your Sweet Spot

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Your Value Add Proposition

What's inside?

A look behind the scenes at the path I took and choices I made to kickstart my Kajabi business

I spent several years trying to create a business that would work around my family, but also fill me with passion and satisfaction. In 12 short months, all while on maternity leave, I built a 6-figure business, took on 3 lovely part-time staff (all moms), and ditched the day job for good!

In an exploding online industry with more and more people taking their business online, there is no shortage of work available in supporting these digital thought leaders, so I have put together a little look behind the scenes at the path I took and how anyone with the right attitude can make it in this industry.

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What my students are saying

You're not alone and you're in good company

Carmel D'Arienzo

"Meg is a special trainer. She goes above and beyond to give value. I recently participated in one of her free 5 day challenges and she overdelivered! What I love about Meg's way of teaching is that she focuses not only on information, but on implementation. She empowers you to take the action you need to take. 

Don't be fooled by her soft, soothing voice - she will inspire you to take your idea and make it reality. Her servant heart and her willingness to help her participants and clients is so appreciated!"

Free 3-part video series: Idea to Income

Starting from scratch and don't know what to do? Yup, I was there once too. Let me save you the mistakes I made and show you how it's done.